Dystonia Diary

This is what it's like to have cervical dystonia - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Actually, there's nothing good about it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

More shots, and even MORE shots

Well, it's been an interesting few months. The insurance company sent me some paperwork about 2 years ago concerning the benefits I'd keep getting. I signed it and mailed it back a few days after I got it. In February, I got a letter telling me that I (and a lawyer from the insurance company) had to go to a hearing about my benefits. My adjuster told me it was because my benefits paperwork was never filed!

I had to see my former Dr to get re-evaluated, and had to get another x-ray and MRI. That was in early April. I still haven't heard from that Dr abut the results of the MRI, but after the x-ray he said that I now have osteoporosis in my neck, as well as degenerative disk disease. Great. Looks like I'll have to my neck exercises more often.

Whenever my former Dr gets his paperwork finished and sent in, my insurance company lawyer and I will have to go to another hearing to get things finalized, and then I can get on with things without any more hassles. Hopefully without any more hassles. The funny thing is that the insurance company lawyer and adjuster (and the judge) want me to get the treatment I need! That's gratifying, because I won't have to hire my own lawyer to fight the company.

In February I got 12 Botox shots - fewer than usual. It started wearing off in April, so he got approval for more, and I got 18 shots last Tuesday. I still have a small sore spot in the back of my neck from one of the shots, but I expect it to clear up eventually.

Now I just have to wait and see if I got enough Botox or too much, were the shots given in the right muscles, will I have problems with muscle weakness, and will I have trouble swallowing.

I almost forgot to mention that my insomnia has been pretty bad, so my (current) Dr increased my Zanaflex by 2mg. I'm now taking 40mg of Baclofen 2 hours before bedtime and 20mg of Zanaflex at bedtime, and have been for about 3 months. In spite of that, my insomnia got so bad I could hardly stand it. I'm assuming it's because the Botox wore off early, and I'm now assuming it'll slowly start to improve as the recent Botox takes effect. More "wait and see".